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sms date engagement orange Leica Viewfinder 36mm for Leica X1

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sms google date This sms date erfahrungsbericht Leica X1 Brightline Finder is a viewfinder for the 36mm equivalent lens of the Leica X1 compact digital camera. The camera does not have a built in viewfinder so this is the perfect accessory for using your camera in bright sunlight. This is a passive finder, so no camera data is viewed if the LCD screen is turned off.

sms game date The finder provides a remarkably vibrant, high-contrast image. Due to a concave mirror in the optics, part of the incoming light is used to illuminate the picture outline as a bright frame. This is the same as in viewfinders of Leica M cameras.

date sms galaxy s4 The optics are given a high-quality multi-layer coating to guarantee optimum viewing through the finder in all conditions. The high-quality metal body of the finder is designed in the popular retro look of the fifties and sixties, but is milled from solid brass according to the latest technologies. The eyepiece side is rubberized to protect eyeglasses.

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