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dejting tv program tv Ljusmätare - Kenko Auto Digital Meter KFM-2200

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  • The integrated exposure meter combines incident light measurement and spot (reflected light) measurement in a single unit.
  • The Flash Meter KFM-2200 is designed to be used with both digital and film cameras. It provides unique method for measuring the light when using with digital cameras.
  • Using Display function, required values can be measured for 3 parameters selected:
    FNo, shutter speed or ISO. To measure the required value for one parameter just input data for two of other parameters using the up/down dial to input the data.
  • The measurement display window has a back light to read the measurement results easily even if it is used in a darkened environment.
  • When used with the flat diffuser, KFM-2200 can work as simplified Lux meter.
  • For spot measurement, the Flash Meter KFM-2200 uses a parallax-free optical system. This eliminates the displacement of the measurement area that varies with the distance from the subject.
  • With the latitude display function, the Flash Meter KFM-2200 can simultaneously display the results of both incident light measurement and spot light measurement. It provides a clear and simple graphical decision process for determining the exposure suited to the nature of the photograph.
  • With the analyze scale, you can determine the proportion of flash light and ambient light in a single flash light measurement.
  • The Flash Meter KFM-2200 provides a memory function capable of storing up to 10 measured values; an averaging function that calculates an average exposure from stored measurement data; and a brightness difference function that displays deviation from the standard exposure.
  • For spot measurement, both shadow-based and highlight-based exposure calculation functions are provided.
  • The Flash Meter KFM-2200 provides a "custom setting (Alt) mode" that allows you to customize the meter according to your preference. This feature includes an exposure correction value setting function and a shutter speed increment-setting function.
  • Measurement results are shown on both the analog and digital displays on the meter´s data panel. The clear and legible display eliminates reading errors.
  • The results of spot measurements are shown on the digital display in the viewfinder and on the external data panel. The viewfinder features a dioptric adjustment mechanism.
  • In addition to displaying a conventional 10-level intermediate f-number display, the Flash Meter KFM-2200 provides an f-number direct reading display. This enables the measured value to be applied to any camera with an f-number direct reading display, eliminating the need for f-number conversion.

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